Jerico is a 22-year-old Haitian-Canadian DJ, producer, and vocalist, who’s
quickly being recognized as one of Montreal’s most promising young artists. From his solo productions to his memorable late-nite DJ sets at countless local warehouses, parties, and after-hours, his commitment to forward-thinking dancefloor heaters stands out in the city’s club scene.

His energy behind the decks is a welcome jolt to any party, where he’ll fearlessly blend a seemingly limitless amount of disparate styles into a cohesive dancefloor workout. His DJ sets draw from a wide range of influences and touch on everything from Pan-African rhythms to up-to-the-minute underground club trax.

His own productions are riotous affairs, where he combines these influences with his own synths, samples, and Haitian-Creole vocals to make club music that is truly personal and unique. 2019 will see the release of his third EP of originals, Run That, a sweat-drenched cut of four emotive dancefloor flexes that draw on his memories of Kompa dancing as a kid living in the ‘burbs outside of Montreal.

When he’s not DJing or producing, Jerico also co-runs the Boccara collective. Boccara’s constant stream of guest mixes, releases, and parties have become an instant seal of approval for music fans both in and out of Montreal looking to hear something fresh.

This artist is presented with support from the Government of Québec in collaboration with MUTEK Montréal as part of North-West Passage.

Oct 25 | Studenthuset Driv (CAFE) | Door: 8:30PM