Hibotep is a Somali Artist, Fashion Designer, Filmaker, Dj,
Producer and Original G of Kampala’s infamous Nyege Nyege

After a stand out performance at Nyege Nyege Festival, Hibotep
joined mentor Holly Herndon for the Forecast residency, mer-
ging performance art and music composition to explore the in-
tersections of love and fear, terror, beauty and the void, with a
backdrop of Somali folklore.

She collaborated with UK installation artist Gary Stewart on the
“ritual reality” multi-medium installation, and directed the vi-
deo “Mouches symphonie” for Ibaaku. In all of her art Hibotep
channels the divine and brings her audience towards introspec-
tion and when she gets on the decks she brings all this energy to
the dancefloor, playing anything from arab trap to somali funk
and old school LA hip hop together with her own productions
and the tunes of her crew.

Hibotep is set to release her debut EP on Hakuna Kulala, the
Kampala based label that recently put her homie Slikback on
the map. They both played at Sonar Barcelona, and this is just the

Hibotep is presented as part of We Are Europe.

Oct 26 | Studenthuset Driv (CAFE) | Door: 8:30PM