Ernst Malo

Ernst Malo is a young Polish/Norwegian DJ and producer. His creations range between many genres, from techno & electronica to left-field hip-hop & contemporary classic and film music. He draws his inspiration from dark forests, ruins, abandoned factories, old railway stations and his hometown, Krakow. Ernst Malo aims is to create an emotional atmosphere of rainy thunderstorms and dusky nightfall for his audience. When it comes to techno, his sound is somewhat dark and experimental, influenced by the Berlin and Krakow music scenes.

At Insomnia 2019 he will present a set including his own releases.

Ernst Malo is part of Cloud Exit - Insomnia's talent project aimed to push young local musicians out of the cloud and on to the stage. Cloud Exit is supported by Talent Norge and Sparebanken Nord Norge.

Oct 05 | Storgata Camping | Door: 9:00PM