Deena Abdelwahed

A Tunisian producer and DJ, Deena Abdelwahed arrived in France at the age of 26 after earning her stripes on the Tunisian scene and as part of the Arabstazy collective.

Her hybridized DJ-sets, on the outer reaches of subcultures has propelled the young artist into the clubbing universe’s most demanding spheres. Her first EP “Klabb“, released in early 2017 on InFiné, was met with critical acclaim from the blogosphere and electronic media. That same year, she collaborated on the tracks «Plunge» and «An Itch» from Fever Ray’s second album.

Deena is the archetype of a globalized generation of internet natives for whom borders are an outdated concept. This self-taught musician also didn’t wait to have her knowledge delivered to her on a silver platter. What Deena wants is to discover the sound of the future, regardless of geographic origins all are welcome to the mixing board.

In 2018 she released her debut LP - Khonnar. Pronounced “Ronnar“, it is a term that makes the most of Tunisia’s cultural and linguistic spectrum. It evokes the dark, shameful and disturbing side of things, the one we usually seek to hide, but which Deena instead sticks our noses in with her debut. It is a testament to Deena’s coming into her own as a world citizen, and as an artist. A self-construction made of frustrations and constraints, borne of retrograde mindsets, which are not the prerogative of either the East or the West, and which she tirelessly strives to expose and break.

In the album, Deena breaks down the codes of bass, techno and experimental music, and writes the manifesto for a generation that does not seek to please or to conform, taking back control of its identity – with all the attendant losses and chaos. A new creative world order is taking shape, a new tilting point between north and south, the response of a connected and liberated youth who takes the control of the new decolonization.

Mask and photography by London based artist Judas Companion, whose work is about transformation of human identity. She makes masks and masked portraits to create different layers of the human being.

Deena Abdelwahed is presented as part of the SHAPE Plattform, and she is also in the pool of change makers in We Are Europe.

Oct 25 | Studenthuset Driv (ISBJØRN ) | Door: 8:30PM