Alnes is a young aspiring rapper from Kirkenes.

His music is fast paced, sometimes with underlying political messages. Working with music for three years, he is still moulding his own artistic expression, and is currently harnessing inspirations from grime into his sound.

The lyrics are in Norwegian, often referencing his past, about growing up as outsider in the small rural place, with the challenges that bring. Expressing his thoughts and ideas about hardships and bullying on his personal blog even got him arrested, on suspicions for planning revenge acts.

The suspicions were unfounded, also pointing towards the issue of balancing concerns of criminal activity versus the right to freedom of expression.

Alnes is part of Cloud Exit - Insomnia's talent project aimed to push young local musicians out of the cloud and on to the stage. Cloud Exit is supported by Talent Norge and Sparebanken Nord Norge.

Oct 26 | Studenthuset Driv (CAFE) | Door: 8:30PM