The Idea of a European Identity

What does it mean to be “European”? In a continent made up of so many diverse countries, peoples, languages, and traditions, is the idea of European identity doomed to fail? Political borders demarcating the edges of nation-states have changed continuously throughout history, and people have been moving across them for just as long. In a new era of connectivity, is the notion of national borders an outdated political tool that restricts our natural dynamics? In the internet age, has the notion of nationality lost some of its relevance in whom we connect with? Are nationalities and borders less relevant than socio-economic and sub-cultural groups? If so, what are now the other lines of demarcation? Can anyone be European?

Moderator: Lisa Blanning is an American writer and editor on music, art and culture. She is a former editor at The Wire Magazine in London and Electro in Berlin—the city she currently operates out of. She is especially engaged in movements in contemporary electronic music and digital art and culture. She has published cover stories for print publications in three different countries and led panel discussions and artist talks for festivals/events/organizations such as Sónar, Unsound, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, and Ableton’s Loop, as well as presenting talks at institutions such as University of East London and Institut für Populäre Musik in Bochum.

Argyro Barata has an extensive experience in the production of cultural projects with national reach for tourist destinations, important Greek festivals and international organizations. She coordinates Reworks Agora, the international forum of ideas of Reworks Festival, a cross-thematic conference that explores the future advancements from the intersection of culture, technology and entrepreneurship. Additionally, she curates Thessaloniki Cultural Management Academy, a post-graduate program by Goethe Institut for cultural managers aiming to inspire innovative processes in the cultural sector. In 2014 she founded FEAST Greece, an offline civic crowdfunding platform that brings creative ideas to life. She is a member of Bosch Alumni Center and CitizensLab, a European network of 55 organizations that prototypes and tests innovative solutions for social challenges.

Aslak Holmberg is a Saami politician, activist, fisherman, teacher, and a scholar. He is a vice president of the Saami council, an umbrella organisation of Saami NGO:s, which represents Saami civil society across state borders throughout Sápmi (Saamiland). He is also a member of the Saami Parliament of Finland. He has a master’s degree in indigenous studies at the University of Tromsø.

Zhanna Guzenko is a curator, producer and cultural manager, working in the context of digital culture in the High North. Zhanna represents Fridaymilk, joint team of curators and artists, based in Murmansk (Russia). Since 2015 Zhanna Guzenko is a producer of the annual creative camp Uncapitals. The aim is to explore the cultural potential in the remote places in the Nordic countries and create the network of culture professionals and artists. Also she has been working on organising a series of Public Talks on the regular basis since 2015.The latest one was devoted to Curating the independent galleries in the Northern countries, it was organised in terms of the first audiovisual festival over the Polar Circle – Inversia Festival, February 2017. Currently Zhanna Guzenko is producing Inversia, audiovisual festival and Uncapitals, network of art residences.

THE IDEA OF A EUROPEAN IDENTITY is presented in collaboration with Resonate Festival as part of We Are Europe

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Date / Time
Oct 27 | 14:00

Tromsø Bibliotek
Grønnegata 94, Tromsø

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