Can stories help us shape our future? We think so.
Join the Ice-9 crew: Christine Cynn (mashup artist/filmmaker), Valentin Manz (visual artist) along with the hello X creative team with: Leo Kay (dramaturg and baker of slow ideas), Ismet Bachtiar (game designer), Sammuel Ambroise (3D animator) to try and solve an augmented reality puzzle where you and and a team of friends (or strangers) play a living AI and advise X, a woman living in Tromsø in 2068. Bring your iPhone 6S or above or use our test devices. We’ll be there to cheer you on. This augmented reality puzzle is the first prototype for a bigger augmented reality story experience being developed by Ice-9 for launch 2019/2020.

Not into puzzles or augmented reality? Join the conversation at hello X talkaoke, a pop-up talkshow that is open to all and controlled by none. Chill out with a beer or glass of wine and chat about the future or simply listen. Lounge among new sculptures and visuals by Valentin Manz and learn about the evolving story worlds of X, and dig into the science and real-world people and places that inspire the fiction.

hello X is a story laboratory on the future with a podcast, website, live events, and youth workshops. Check us out at www.helloX.me. Subscribe to the hello X podcast on apple podcasts, soundcloud, and all Android podcast apps. hello X is produced by by Ice-9, a Tromsø media arts organisation. The hello X experimental platform is made possible by the generous support of Framsenter, Norsk Kulturfond, Sparebank Nordnorge, Innovasjon Norge, Tromsø Kommune, and Fritt Ord. Ice-9 works in partnership with Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum and Polaria science centre.

Date / Time
Oct 24 | 12:00
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