Stian Balducci and his musical works exist in the opaque regions between genres, ideologies and theoretical thought. A practitioner of improvisation and techno he crafts alien, evocative landscapes of unfamiliar dimensions from the endless possibilities of sampling as a musical instrument. A modern futurist, he challenges the limitations of contemporary thought in music as Stian Balducci and as his techno-aligned +plattform alias.
+plattform’s sound explores conceptual riffs, rhythmic juxtapositions and simplistic melodic movements within the confines of minimalism and techno. Fixed in a dialogue between the enduring and the concurrent, +plattforms’ is a contemporary voice reaching beyond its own sonic aesthetic in pursuit of the permanent. This sound has found favour with labels like Ploink and Krill Music.

He won the Norwegian “Grammy” Spellemannsprisen in the category of Electronika in 2017 for his album “Twelve” on Ploink.

Oct 27 | Studenthuset Driv | Door: 9:00PM