OL is a DJ and producer from Moscow, and a leading member of Gost Zvuk records. The rich tradition of the Soviet contemporary electronic music composition is the basis for the mood changes and sound in OL’s tracks. Oleg’s productions sounds like they’ve been born in Detroit or Berlin. Deeply drawn to hip-hop and avant-garde jazz, he is most heavily influenced by all types of Soviet-era art and media. OL experiments with a mixture of electronic and live sound trying to find a balance between club and home listening sound. In 2016, after dropping an EP on UK-Italian Wilson Records Oleg joins the Detroit record label Fit Sound with a more certain and adult approach. This year was marked by the release of a full-length album titled ‘ Height Difference” on his home-related platform Gost Zvuk.

Oct 26 | Studenthuset Driv | Door: 9:00PM