Hieroglyphic Being

The word visionary gets thrown around a bit nowadays, but in the case of Chicago-born Jamal Moss it is undisputed.

A truly positive man with his own take on artistry and music, always acknowledging our common musical ancestors and their inspirations, he is continuously evolving, not being stuck in the past. Through his own label Mathematics he has released relentlessly since 2001, also using the label to showcase many great unknown artists to the world.

Refusing to call himself a musician as he only uses machines, he makes raw, distorted and eclectic dance music which sounds like no one else. He fusions past inspirations into his own «rhythmic cubism» or «synth expressionism».

His live sets are always new and unique, aiming to have a sonic conversation with the audience. Who wants to attend a concert to hear a set that sounds just like the record anyway?

Perhaps he will take the house down using only two iPads this time?



Oct 26 | Studenthuset Driv | Door: 9:00PM