Fatima Al Qadiri

Fatima Al Qadiri will perform her new show “Shaneera” which means disgusting or outrageous, and is also slang in Arabic countries for “evil queen”. Fatima here offers deep electronic music coupled with a visually stunning experience. “Shaneera” shows her typical blend of politically potent content and original, captivating aesthetics, presenting a conceptually fascinating world. Through lyrics drawn from Grinder chats and other monologues, we will explore gender issues and drag queens. “Shaneera” is also her first live show.

Al Qadiri is born in Dakar, grew up in Kuwait, and has lived and studied in New York before now settling in Berlin. Her sound often draws upon a mix of contemporary electronic genres like grime and footwork, while incorporating elements from traditional Arabic music, reflecting her global background. Her works also display a strong and impressive visual and aesthetic consciousness which we find both captivating and original.

Oct 27 | Studenthuset Driv | Door: 9:00PM