“Turn it Down!” – Managing Night-Time Economies

Turn it Down! – Managing Night-Time Economies (Saturday, TVIBIT, 16:00)

Recently, disputes between local authorities and cultural actors have been in focus. Both renowned club Fabric in London and closer, Blå in Oslo, have been engaged in disputes over noise or crime linked to their venues, putting their businesses at risk. Understanding the need to protect its vibrant, attractive cultural industries – increasingly under pressure from developers, with widespread closures, Amsterdam and London now have their own “Night Mayors”. They act as mediators between city councils, police, and cultural actors. They develop relations, manage and protect the valuable “Night-Time Economies” of their cities.

How can such conflicts be avoided and the different interests be managed?

Can organization and representation be a way forward for a sector used to acting individually?

How can the cultural legitimacy and value of the “Night-Time Economy” be made visible to politicians and developers?

With: Christine Kakaire (AUS/DE), Lisa Hoen (NO), Karima Andrea Furuseth (NO), Oliver Baurhenn (DE) and Michal Brenner (CZ).

Date / Time
Oct 28 | 16:00

Parkgata 27-29, Tromsø

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