Modular workshop with Gijs Gieskes

Dutch industrial designer and artist Gijs Gieskes is behind some of the most creative devices for audio and video processing for the eurorack format.

According to himself, he knew almost nothing about how electronics worked when he started making them, but managed to make instruments with simple solutions, and is today the maker of some very sought-after modules and standalone devices. For Insomnia you can choose between the following kits:

Oscillatoscope2: 89 euro
VU perc: 50 euro
AnalogHD2: 39 euro (you have to bring your own HD, its best to bring a few because they are not all usable, it needs to have 4 connection points on the motor, 3 connections won't work)

More info on Gijs and his modules here:

Date / Time
Oct 26 | 16:30

Parkgata 27-29, Tromsø

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