Zsamm (SI/AT)

Friday 21.15 @ Hvit, Driv
A collaboration between Slovenian vocalist and electronic musician Maja Osojnik and Austrian drummer Patrick Wirzwallner, Zsamm perform ‘Let Them Grow’ “an anthroposophical striptease of the soul, between dystopian chansons, primordial mantras, and musique concrète”. Exploring the phenomena of interpersonal relations with songs that range from soft to dirty, to complex, dazed, spherical, poignant and feminine, the performance also enters realms of more darker sounds. Ranging electronic fields, Zsamm’s highly energetic set will be revealed as a powerful and enigmatic performance that is sure to arouse curiosity. Their latest album, hailed as one of the most diverse and thrillingly leftfield, was selected as one of the top 10 electronica albums of 2016 by The Wire/UK. Zsamm is presented together with Elevate festival as part of We Are Europe.