Varg + AnnaMelina (SE) – FLORA

Thursday 23.45 @ Hvit, Driv
Varg & AnnaMelina present FLORA, a live audiovisual presentation. With both Swedish artists being renowned solo musicians in their own right, this new collaboration finds space exploring beauty and strength. AnnaMelina describes the performance as being like the surface of the ocean, it starts off at the water’s edge and then ¨moves you until you reach the horizon and disappear, saying “Flora’s music is a journey that starts from the bottom of the ocean where it’s pitch black, then it takes you through individual layers of the ocean till you see the light of the sun that is waiting for you on the other side and you get one breath before you fade”. While not a pure techno show, expect a lot of bass-drums, synths, and AnnaMelina’s beautiful voice when they hit the stage at this year's Insomnia festival.