Mala (UK)

Friday 23.30 @ Café, Driv
A visionary producer, DJ, and record label owner, Mala has been producing dubstep since its infancy in South London in the early '00s. He is one of the pioneers of this electronic sub-genre; a role he is carrying out with perfection, not only by giving us blasting beats and rhythms but through these, his music carries a message that fundamentally touches and connects people. It is clear to any listener that Mala is a musician with a deep connection to sound, creating frequencies and harmonics that share that connection in a way that blissfully, powerfully and peacefully unifies all those who listen. There are certainly many dimensions in his music, it is slow, and at the same time very fast; a characteristic of this genre. With chants, reverberant drum patterns, messy baselines, and dissonant harmonies, Mala creates a blissful feeling in the whole body of the dancer (you).

As Insomnia continues to further explore the wider fields of electronic music, Mala is presented in cooperation with Elevate festival as part of We Are Europe.