Loxy (UK)

Friday 01.30 @ Café, Driv

London-bred Loxy, aka Andrew Campbell, has played a seminal part in every step of Drum & Bass’ evolution over the last two decades. He’s one of few artists that has continued to influence all elements of the Drum & Bass movement from the underground up, with no signs of stopping. Keeping his face in the background, but a strong, characteristic sound in the front, it’s never been about image, fame or hype – it’s only the music that speaks. Loxy has always been pushing the genre further, while also maintaining attention to its past through his many imprints and co-operation, be it hardcore or the near ‘x-tinct’ sound of what is deemed “true Drum & Bass – breakbeats & sub-bass. As a producer, It’s the attention to detail that makes a Loxy production stand out: tough and hard-hitting, with basslines and drums intricately layered with meticulous precision. As Insomnia continues to further explore the wider fields of electronic music, Loxy is presented in cooperation with Elevate festival as part of We Are Europe.