Islam Chipsy @ E.E.K (EG)

Friday 22.45 @ Stor, Driv

Hailing from Cairo, Islam Chipsy and his band E.E.K are a three way force of nature. They are described by those who have seen them as being one of the most exciting live propositions on the planet. Supported by two drummers, Islam Chipsy has been described by The Guardian as a “virtuoso keyboard player whose individual technique includes firing out bewildering fast blasts of tone clusters deployed by punching, slapping and karate-chopping his keyboard at such a frightening speed that his hands become a blur of movement”. Islam Chipsy rewriting the oriental scales of Egyptian chaabi into a warp of percussive overload, and their freewheeling sonic blitz at this years festival will no doubt be a unique experience. With a snappy drumroll, this artist is presented together with Nuits Sonores as part of We Are Europe.