DJ Stingray (US)

*Saturday 01:15 @ Hvit, Driv
For over 20 years now, DJ Stingray (AKA Sherard Ingram) has been a driving force in the techno world, with a clear intent of pushing the sound forward into deeper, uncharted waters. Representing Detroit’s 313, Stingray’s masked performances have a magnetic, capturing energy. His mixing is hard and fast, his era-spanning selections go from timeless classics and obscurities to fresh new music. With over three dozen releases to his name since founding Urban Tribe in 1991, Drexciyan DJ Stingray is respected as a heavyweight techno DJ worldwide. Don’t be surprised if the strength of his recent release in Tresor Kern mixes series leads to a resurrection of the bygone status of releasing mix-albums.

Check out the feature interview with the man himself from Resident Advisor where he explains his approach: