Actress (UK)

Saturday 23.45 @ Stor, Driv

Actress, aka Darren J. Cunningham, is a UK based producer, DJ and remix artist whose intriguing live shows are widely known and lauded, as are his numerous collaborations with outstanding visual artists gracing venues. A true artist, his sound is still evolving further, and while quite hard to nail down, specific traces of afro-futuristic, dark, but rich and textured IDM remain. Earlier this year, he released the much acclaimed album AZD (pronounced “Acid”) on Ninja Tunes. An exploration into contemporary, base club music with dashes of the avant-garde, grasping our attention, not letting go, rewarding the listener with its diversity and moments of beauty. At Insomnia, Actress will perform a brand new live-set based on this album, and we have no doubt that he will deliver a performance perfectly crafted for the mood and the night. Actress is presented together with Nuits Sonores as part of We Are Europe.

Insomnia loves the art of music videos, check two pearls from Actress’ latest album here: