29.10. Seminar on Cultural Entrepreneurship

Saturday 29.10. Tromsø Art Academy 14:00.

In a digital and media-saturated society, acknowledging the importance of culture as an integrated part of our society and economical structure has become a natural ingredient in all political and social debates. But how are these relations defined and how do we find a way to exploit this in a positive way? This is a seminar aiming at cutting through all the confusing terminology and funding entities and stripping the process down to the bare essentials: how to make stuff happen. By looking into cases from different parts of Europe, we want to pave the way for a discussion on what we actually want to achieve with cultural development and how legislation, funding entities, and others can help this development.

Amongst the presentation we will have:

He is a founding member and the artistic director of BIOS, a cultural center for art and new media, and of Romantso, the first Greek Creative Industries Incubator. Before that had a long career in music, graphic design and was even a part of the creative team behind the 2003 Olympic games opening ceremony.

The last 10 years he has been curating numerous events and performances concerning urban culture, new media and various expressions of contemporary artistic creativity, and he has directed shows that explore the limits and boundaries between live performance and installation.

She is part of the Content and Communication teams at Sónar+D, with a specialty in digital culture and music technology. Apart from Sónar+D she has worked at Ovalsound (http://www.ovalsound.com/, and at Reactable (http://www.reactable.com/) She also organizer Dorkbot Barcelona, an event dedicated to “people who do strange things with electricity” (http://www.dorkbotbarcelona.com/)

She will give a presentation of how the music festival Sonar+D engage with creative communities within the cultural industry and education

In addition, we will have a presentation from the artist
bRUNA and Wooky.

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Oct 29 | 14:00
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